Vietnam, launch of studies for three new PSP in the Dien Bien Phu region

As part of its development in Vietnam, Hyvity has recently commissioned ARTELIA, with its Vietnamese partner INTRACOM, to carry out the technical, social and environmental feasibility studies for three pumped storage power station (PSP) projects, representing a cumulative capacity of 3.2 GW.

For nearly six months, ARTELIA, an international multidisciplinary consulting, engineering and project management group, will provide its expertise to Hyvity and its Vietnamese partner INTRACOM. These studies will include hydrology, energy production simulations, geology and geotechnical studies, seismic risk assessment, technical solutions… without forgetting the environmental and social aspects of these projects. This step is essential because it will allow the partners to determine the feasibility of these projects with respect to international standards and to evaluate the construction costs.

The PSP represent a key to the balance of energy systems in the world’s major industrial powers. They are like batteries made up of two reservoirs upstream and downstream of the turbines. They allow water to be stored high up during the day and then released during peaks in consumption, thus stabilizing the entire electrical network. STEPs are thus positioned as the essential complement to other renewable energies, which are intermittent.

In parallel, Hyvity and Intracom wish to build an industrial cluster in Vietnam gathering major French and European hydropower equipment manufacturers who will find significant growth relays in the Asia Pacific region. These industrialists will bring their technical expertise and thus promote the development of innovative solutions to guarantee projects that meet the highest international standards.

Technical expertise and operational excellence

Hyvity is pursuing its strategy of acquiring and renovating existing power plants and developing new projects throughout Vietnam. While optimizing their performance and production by providing technical expertise and operational excellence in their daily management, we want to achieve a park of high environmental and social quality.