Hyvity Implements a Concrete and Effective E&S Management System

At Hyvity, we are firm believers in the virtuous nature of hydroelectricity when approached as an environmentally integrated development. Throughout the life cycle of our projects, we integrate sustainability, efficiency, accessibility, environmental respect, and consideration for local communities and water usage. This approach, along with the methodology we employ, enables us to align with the highest international standards in environmental and social matters.

Recognizing that each project generates impacts, and despite our commitment to the “avoid, reduce, compensate” E&S methodology ingrained in our DNA, we have chosen to equip ourselves with expert analysis tools. In collaboration with Insuco, a consulting firm specializing in science and social sustainability, we have structured our approach through a genuine Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) that is operational and deployable across all our projects.

A Toolbox Applicable to Every Project Type

Driven by our commitment to having comprehensive and operational tools for analyzing the impacts of our projects, regardless of their status (under development, under construction, operational, or undergoing renovation), we now possess an analytical framework compliant with the environmental, social, and governance standards of the World Bank. With these tools, we can anticipate essential elements that will determine a transparent roadmap and the conditions of our engagement in a specific area. This enables us to precisely define the specifications for studies to be conducted and establish action plans when necessary. Our approach to consulting and engaging with all stakeholders, listening to local populations, also allows us to identify actions that we can promote around our projects.

Facilitating the Implementation of Concrete Actions

From our initial interactions with local stakeholders, we learn about their needs to promote the implementation of positive externalities. The deployment of hydroelectric power, which is structurally beneficial for territories and capable of reconciling various water uses, can offer direct benefits to the regions and populations.

Therefore, near our power plants, we will support the development of economic activities or environmental and social initiatives through various channels, such as consulting, access to electricity and clean water, job creation, support for pollution control actions (plastic collection), preservation of natural areas, and reforestation policies.

Insuco is a consulting firm specializing in science and social sustainability with the aim of promoting a lasting partnership among stakeholders in the same territory to build sustainability.

We support actors in the private, public, and civil society sectors to understand and manage the social challenges of their projects, facilitate their integration into their territory, and ensure compliance with international standards. Insuco offers effective, operational, and pragmatic approaches based on its in-depth knowledge of local issues and contexts.