The Hyvity story

Since 2015, Hyvity (formerly Euro Blue Power) has built its experience as a pure player in hydroelectricity through its locations in France, Italy and Bulgaria where it has developed, financed, constructed and operated hydroelectric stations alongside expert and majority partners. This year Hyvity has decided to chart a new course in its development by becoming majority owner and operator of its own locally adapted hydroelectric facilities.

Guided by a threefold approach focusing on low environmental impact, technical performance and profitability, Hyvity is looking to develop practical, sustainable and stable hydroelectric solutions on grids. Aware that there is no perfect project, Hyvity will always choose to abandon a project that does not fully respect the balance between these three pillars.

Hyvity is deeply committed to finding an alignment of interests with its partners and local players in the long term. This is why it always takes a development approach that aims to achieve positive externalities through its power generation facilities. Water is a shared resource, which means that it is a hydroelectric development’s responsibility to be the starting point for coordinated use of this resource between all players involved.

Hyvity is a family business that is committed to making a long-term contribution. It now operates projects in France, Vietnam, Chile and Madagascar and is seeking to expand its geographical locations in the short term in order to best diversify its exposure to rainfall, monetary and political risks.