Site development process - hyvity

Site development process

An ethical approach at all levels

Actively build a diversified portfolio of locally adapted hydroelectric facilities, designed in collaboration with stakeholders to be an integral part of the region in the long term.

An inclusive and an ethical approach at all levels

The development of a site is first and foremost the result of observing the natural environment, but also dialogue and consultation with the various players. This approach allows economic, environmental and social issues to be taken into account. We are technical experts who are passionate about doing things well. This means we adopt a proven methodology to achieve high value added hydroelectric developments that become embedded in the region over the long term and are designed in agreement with all stakeholders. A demanding approach that does not compromise on the technical quality of our facilities.

Before the project

We work upstream of projects with local authorities, communities, electricity distributors, technical partners and our teams to ensure that the planned development will benefit all stakeholders in the long term. For Hyvity this is the non-negotiable condition for starting a project. Hyvity places the same importance on technical, economic, and environmental studies. Applying a “Stop & go” process, we know how to reorient our projects as study results come in, or even abandon them if they do not meet Hyvity’s ethical requirements.

During construction

To achieve sustainable and environmentally friendly construction, Hyvity pays particular attention to the choice of its suppliers, partners and service providers, choosing local businesses where relevant. Continuous and transparent information is provided to all stakeholders.A dedicated Hyvity project manager oversees the entire project. Keeping lines of communication open both internally and externally is essential throughout the work phase, which usually lasts between 6 and 12 months.

After completion

For Hyvity, being an electricity generator is all about investing in tracking the performance of its facilities and developing its generation tools to support long-term supply. From the design phase, our hydroelectric facilities are therefore engineered for operation. Hyvity is committed to coordinating a complete skills transfer for each country where we are located so that its teams can independently manage each of the projects. With a view to continuous improvement, Hyvity carries out follow-up studies on its facilities.