Hyvity is a hydroelectricity expert with a human COMMITMENT that benefits regional development

Hyvity is an independent international player that identifies, finances, develops, builds and operates locally adapted hydroelectric facilities in France and around the world.

HYVITY is committed to a long-term, inclusive and respectful approach toward all stakeholders in order to co-build eco-responsible and sustainable hydropower stations that are at one with regions.


International reach and risk management : France, Vietnam, Madagascar, Costa Rica and Chile


equivalent of 80 MW in operation from 2023


under development for 2025

Maximize positive impacts

Minimize negative impacts

HYVITY is involved in the regions

At HYVITY, alignment of interests and buy-in from local actors is essential to getting our projects off the ground. We see our hydroelectric facilities as integral parts of regions. This means we take into account regional development (road connections, local electrification, tourism potential, local jobs, etc.)  from the outset of our projects.