Hyvity, a Pure Player in Hydroelectricity Production and Storage

Hyvity, a Pure Player in Hydroelectricity Production and Storage

Hyvity is a hydroelectricity expert with a human COMMITMENT that benefits regional development

Hyvity is a pure player in hydroelectricity, developing, financing, building, and operating facilities in numerous regions around the world.

Our technical and financial expertise, along with our mastery of the entire hydroelectric project value chain, allows us to ensure the economic and environmental viability of our projects and guarantee their successful implementation by partnering with recognized local partners.

Strategic Positioning

Hyvity positions itself as a leading partner in the production and storage of hydroelectric energy.


Acquisition of existing powerplants requiring renovation work to improve performance and meet the highest international standards


Development of projects that integrate into territories with minimal environmental impact, preserving the use of existing facilities (agricultural reservoirs, irrigation canals…)


Design of energy storage solutions through our Pumped Hydro Storage (PHS) projects

Energy Storage, at the Heart of Tomorrow's Challenges

PHS represents a mature, sustainable, and economically viable storage solution. They enable the stabilization of electrical grids and the integration of expanding intermittent renewable energy sources (solar and wind). It is a crucial system for achieving the decarbonization goals of country engaged in an energy transition process.

Support and Technical Assistance

Hyvity incorporates all the technical and financial skills necessary for the development of high-quality hydroelectric facilities. We work closely with local, public, and private stakeholders to finance, develop, or optimize these facilities within the framework of ambitious territorial development projects.


International reach and risk management : France, Vietnam, Madagascar, Costa Rica and Chile


equivalent of 80 MW in operation from 2024


under development for 2026



HYVITY is involved in the regions

At HYVITY, alignment of interests and buy-in from local actors is essential to getting our projects off the ground. We see our hydroelectric facilities as integral parts of regions. This means we take into account regional development (road connections, local electrification, tourism potential, local jobs, etc.)  from the outset of our projects.