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Sustainable Development

Hyvity is committed on long term to develop projects with a responsible approach to the environment and the local communities.

We are a strong believer that hydropower represents the most mature and sustainable technology to produce green energy with stability and predictability.

Our strategy on short term consists in acquiring operating assets which can be upgraded with the highest international standards, then building up a portfolio of new low impact hydropower plants and developing a key player of Pumped Storage Plants (PSP) which will contribute to accelerate the energy transition.

Thus, our approach is perfectly aligned with the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Our commitments to sustainable development (9)

SDG 7 - Clean energy

The development of run-of-the-river hydroelectric projects and pumped storage hydroelectricity (PSP) is a direct response to this goal. Beyond the fact that our water usage generates no pollution in its operation, hydroelectricity is one of the least expensive technologies in terms of the volume of energy produced over its lifespan. Provided the right choices are made and appropriate ecological continuity measures are implemented, it preserves the natural flow of water bodies.

SDG 8- Good jobs and economic growth

Deeply rooted in its territory, a hydroelectric development requires a thorough understanding of its environment. It contributes to creating local, non-relocatable jobs and revitalizes the economic growth of rural areas. By participating in the development of non-existent infrastructure in some regions through the construction of communication routes (roads, water, electricity), our projects improve the living comfort of local communities, thus limiting rural exodus, and play a significant role in territorial planning and creating opportunities.

SDG 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure

With high-quality infrastructures designed for longevity, we contribute to the development of economic activities around our facilities (deployment of the local electrical grid, improvement of the road network, etc.). The standardized technical solutions we implement for our hydroelectric developments can be easily duplicated, increasing development prospects for territories.

SDG 10 - Reducing inequality

By fostering the creation of local jobs in rural areas, our hydroelectric projects offer the poorest communities new economic opportunities, thus enabling them to elevate their standard of living more rapidly than in urban and suburban centers.

SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production

Hydropower production is inherently sustainable as it is part of the water cycle. Our approach, prioritizing the takeover and optimization of existing assets, allows us to reduce the use of consumables and, more generally, our energy expenses.

SDG 13 - Protect the planet

The development of hydroelectric projects positions itself as a major solution in the fight against climate change by promoting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Each kWh produced by our installations represents a significant saving in terms of CO2 emissions compared to the use of fossil fuel energy sources.

SDG 15 - Life on land

At the heart of our concerns lies the preservation of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. That’s why we prioritize the modernization of existing equipment to promote the production of more nature-friendly hydropower. To limit additional damage and have more vibrant and biodiverse watercourses, we continuously implement corrective actions and compensatory measures from meticulously defined action plans.

SDG 17 - Partnerships for goals

Considérant nos installations hydroélectriques comme partie intégrante d’un écosystème plus vaste et entièrement ancrées dans leurs territoires, il est essentiel pour nous de nous appuyer sur des partenaires locaux. Sans une maitrise parfaite du contexte local et leur appropriation par l’ensemble des parties prenantes, nos projets seraient voués à perdre leur cohérence et leur substance.