Creation of four development platforms in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa

Convinced by the virtuous model of hydroelectricity, which provides a sustainable solution to the need to decarbonize the economy, Hyvity develops, finances and operates environmentally friendly power plants that create value alongside local partners.

In a global context of pressure on energy prices, hydroelectricity plays a central role that allows countries to acquire a certain form of stability and energy sovereignty while reducing their environmental impact. With this in mind, Hyvity offers solutions to counter intermittent energies such as solar or wind power, which require significant investments in energy storage, which is not very efficient today and has a high environmental impact.

With a long-term vision of assets, Hyvity has been able to identify and negotiate with several local partners for more than a year to create four major development platforms in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, thus benefiting from a varied exposure to hydrological, geopolitical and monetary risks. This development strategy aims, in the short term, to structure portfolios of assets of sufficient size and good technical quality to guarantee optimal exploitation over the long term. We also aim to renovate these facilities in line with international environmental and social standards, while optimizing their performance and production by providing technical expertise and operational excellence in their day-to-day management.

Today, Hyvity has more than €670 million in investments for nearly 350 MW of installed capacity under consideration. These include projects for the acquisition or renovation of existing power plants, “ready to build” projects and projects to be developed. Hyvity is positioned as a pivotal point between governments that have ambitious plans to decarbonize their economies and financial institutions that wish to invest alongside players with sustainable and eco-responsible projects.

Among these impactful projects, the PSP (Pumped Storage Power Plants) are real batteries that will allow the stabilization of electrical networks by compensating for the intermittence of other renewable energies. For Hyvity, PSP are at the heart of tomorrow’s challenges and will play a definite role in the energy sovereignty of States in the face of climate change and the rising cost of fossil energies.

A mastered value chain

Since 2015, Hyvity has first made its mark by setting up partnerships with international renewable energies specialists such as Akuo or Hydropol (with the aim of buying out the hydroelectric plants owned by EDF in Bulgaria or by building a portfolio of new plants in Italy), then took a new turn from 2022 onwards. With a strong and experienced management team, our company is now positioned on the whole value chain: identification of greenfield projects, development and obtaining of authorizations, negotiation of power purchase agreements, construction and operation of hydroelectric power plants, with a strong international ambition.