The Riou des Roberts Hydroelectric Plant Begins Operation

The Riou des Robert hydroelectric power station, located in the Alpes-Maritimes department of France, has recently started operation following its commissioning over the past few weeks. Hydro Riou, a subsidiary of Hyvity Group, takes pride in contributing to regional development through this facility, which has an installed capacity of 500 kW.

Small-scale installations like this, situated on mountain streams, offer numerous benefits when best practices are applied. Compliance with environmental standards and respect to biodiversity, engagement with all stakeholders, and the integration of sustainability criteria are essential to maximizing the positive impacts of such projects.

Built with expert craftsmanship and a focus on minimizing impacts throughout the construction stage, this project was developed in consultation with the local town hall, the Natura 2000 local coordinator, and regional stakeholders to preserve the ecological continuity of the watercourse. Thus, the facility fits seamlessly into its environment and will contribute with approximately 2 GWh per year (equivalent to the average annual consumption of 430 households) to the supply of clean, local energy.

Hyvity remains relatively low-profile in France, where many collaborators deliver quality workWe are committed to exporting French expertise to regions where the benefits of hydroelectric development are greater. However, we are also advancing the development of two other small facilities in the Isère department, pending the necessary construction approvals.

Technical Data Sheet:

Drop height: 158.8 m
Installed capacity: 1 unit, 615 kVA
Commissioning date: March 2024
Purchase agreement: EDF H16
Turbine model: Pelton 3-jet
Maximum derived flow: 450 L/s
Authorization duration: 40 years
Purchase agreement duration: 20 years