Hyvity, a pioneer in the development of Pumped-Storage Hydroelectricity in Chile

In pursuit of carbon neutrality by 2050, Chile has, in recent years, heavily invested in the development of renewable energies, predominantly solar and wind. To support this shift, the Ministry of Energy has confirmed its intention to rapidly acquire a range of diversified energy storage solutions.

While the country turns its attention towards Lithium and green Hydrogen, Hyvity, contrarily, proposes the development of pumped-storage hydroelectricity (PSH), which is not yet present in the country. Indeed, these hydroelectric facilities (pumped-storage) represent a mature solution with an energy efficiency of 80% (compared to 25% today for hydrogen solutions) and a theoretically infinite lifespan.

Hyvity also aims to modernize the perception of hydroelectricity in Chile by promoting environmentally respectful energy production and storage, adhering to the highest international standards. In Southern Chile, hydroelectricity is far from unanimous due to numerous large-scale projects that have been initiated in the past and faced rejection by local communities due to a lack of consultation and integration into their territories.

Our initial discussions with the Ministry of Energy and the DGA (Direccion General Del Agua) have been very positive and have confirmed Chile’s priority to equip itself with 3 GW of storage by 2030 and 6 GW by 2050. The work initiated on future tenders is expected to conclude soon, and Hyvity is determined to participate.

In collaboration with local partners, Hyvity is actively working on the development of eight pumped-storage projects with capacities ranging from 9 to 300 MW, on existing water rights. Located in the southern half of Chile, these projects are currently in the analysis phase, with particular attention given to their environmental integration and the adherence of local communities.

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